Woody Valley X-Rated 7

The ideal pod-harness for successful Competitions and XC flights

Comfortable and lightweight with exceptional Foam Protection


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About the X-Rated 7

To meet the new competition regulations, the emergency compartment of the X-RATED under the seat is in two parts, intended to accommodate two reserve chutes with release handles on the right and left of the seat. It can be different sized chutes (square, round cap) are installed, both right and also on the left.
    The X-RATED has an aerodynamically clean ballast front container, which is perfectly integrated into the pod and can be easily installed and removed with a zipper. The optional 3.5 or 7 liter water ballast can be drained through an opening via a side pocket. The front container can also be used as a storage compartment for gloves and others, as it is easily accessible via a zipper in flight.
    As with the X-Alps GTO, a Reserve chute can be installed in the cockpit instead of the front ballast container.
    The front-parachute container is delivered on request instead of the ballast container and is attached with the help of a zipper. The front-end reserve chute container comes with a V-belt, which hooks into the harness's main carabiners.
    The securing of the leg straps - so that they do not remain unintentionally open - which already went into series production with the X-Alps GTO, has been extended with a "mini-T-lock" mechanism. Thus, the leg buckle can easily be closed even with gloves.
    In the pod a special magnet was sewn. This prevents flapping of the overlapping tops of the leg pod at top speed.
    The cockpit, so the instrument platform is clipped on the chest strap and can be fixed in the desired viewing angle. It can be easily attached and removed both on the front ballast container and on the front emergency container. As extras, the cockpit has a pen holder and a flexible battery compartment.
    A second or alternative water compartment of 3.5 liters under the seat offers the pilot the opportunity to perfectly position ballast to the optimum extent. The drain hole is located in the lower left corner of the compartment.
    The X-RATED 7 is equipped as standard with 40 mm speed reversers with a return brake. These wheels allow fatigue-free acceleration over long distances.
    In the back part, a brake screen compartment is installed, which is easy to reach from both left and right
    The X-rated 7 is available in sizes M, L and XL


Retail price for the X-Rated 7 with back protection (Full optional):  3 399.00 NZ$*

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Certification LTF
Type of closing strap system  Get-Up with T-Lock system
Type of back protection Foam protection with 14 cm diameter
LTF certification No. EAPR-GZ- 0541/16
Working load 120 daN
Size M L XL
Weight*  7,1 Kg  7,7 Kg  8,5 Kg
Distance between karabiner and seat  47 cm  49,5 cm  53,5 cm
Karabiner-to-karabiner distance (min. max.)  40/51 cm
Dimensions of the carbon seat plate
Rear width 25,8 cm 27,5 cm 29,7 cm
Front width 23,3 cm 24,8 cm 26,8 cm
Depth 32,5 cm 34,6 cm 37,4 cm
Lower ballast capacity 6,3 liter 7,8 liter 9,8 liter
Rescue container Double rescue container under the seat; optional front rescue parachute
Volume of the intended rescue system containers 4000-10000 ccm
Higher ballast capacity 6,5 liters

*Total weight, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners, and protection.



      Size Chart

                                                                               Exenses Air M-L-XL-en-1024x627.gif


Here you will find the User Manual for the x-rated 7: https://www.woodyvalley.eu/download/manuals/en/X-R7_manual_ENG.pdf




New evolved protection


Foam protection containing 8 separate sectors
Designed to achieve outstanding results while keeping its small thickness


No compromise on safety


The details that make the difference


Ratchet pulley with return brake to ease strain and protection to prevent jamming.

The upper part of the protection can be removed without compromising safety

Bottom is highly resistant to abrasion in Cordura®1500

Pee tube

Everything in its place

Front pockets with safety loops for radios and cameras

Larger cockpit provided with hole for Power Bank cable passage

Large elastic material side pockets


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