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About the Woody Valley exense

The exense is a harness designed specifically for novice pilots, and so Woody Valley created a simple, cleanly designed and safe product, which also provides comfort, with excellent detailing and finish. It is easy and quick to adjust, and so it is ideal for use on training slopes by instructors.

  • - Side pockets in elastic webbing;
  • - The right-hand pocket includes a container specially designed for a radio;
  • - The lower part of the harness is reinforced, for optimum resistance to abrasion against the ground;
  • - A whistle for attracting attention is built-in as part of the elastic chest strap buckle;
  • - The reserve chute is located beneath the seat;
  • - High-visibility container on the right shoulder strap for the Security Card;

This harness has been developed and designed especially for the beginner paraglider pilot. Although the exense impresses with its simplicity, the high Woody Valley seating comfort is indispensable.

exense is a completely new development in the novice sector and has nothing in common with the Mix Schooling Harness. The most striking is the new "one-click buckles" that have never been seen on the market. Easy to handle and easy to operate even with thick gloves, they not only convince in terms of their lower weight but also offer a high safety aspect. The pilot sees at a glance that the buckles are closed. Also, they are much easier to use. The annoying closing or setting of different straps, which often confuse beginners, is eliminated.

The exense, like all Woody Valley harnesses, has a tapered 4-sheet Reserve chute container positioned under the seat board. The handle is mounted on the right side and easy for the pilot to reach.

Striking is also the abrasion-resistant protective film on the underside of the harness. Thus, the harness on the bottom can be easily and simply cleaned. As a small and useful detail, the attached signal whistle on the chest strap can also be mentioned.

Thanks to the Radio pocket integrated on the shoulder strap, the harness can also be used very well for PG schools. The exense is equipped with the well-known T-Lock system.

The design and the good workmanship captivate and the side pockets made of high-strength, transparent net material allow the pilot to have his belongings always at hand even in flight.

The exense has foam protection and is available in the colour

Retail price exense T-Lock : 871.00 NZ$*

17 cm Foam protection for exense (optional): 230.00 NZ$*




Weight* 4,50 kg
Certification LTF with T-LOCK system
Protection 17 cm foam
Principal materials Cordura® 500, Nylon 420, Camp-Para karabiners, Finsterwalder buckles
Sizes M L XL
Distance between karabiner and seat 38 cm 40 cm 42,5 cm
Seat plate width 32 cm 35 cm 37 cm
Seat plate depth 35 cm 37,5 cm 40,5 cm

*total weight (size L), including rescue handle, protector and karabiners.


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Woody Valley exense and exenseair User Manual:





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