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Do you know someone who would like to fly a Paraglider? Surprise your friends or loved ones with a special gift for a Birthday, Christmas, or simply to show gratitude.

A gift voucher may be the experience of a lifetime, whether you choose a Trial Tandem Flight, a Discovery Day or a Paragliding Student license course.

If you are unsure you want to learn to fly solo, a great way to be introduced to free flight is to experience a Trial Tandem Flight or go for a Discovery Day.
If you book a Trial Tandem flight or Discovery Day or more as a gift, we will give you a Voucher to hand over to the lucky spoiled one.


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Trial Tandem Flights

Jump in for an unforgettable experience and soar like a bird with an instructor on one of our special trial tandem flights to be introduced to and discover the basics of the sport of paragliding all in one flight!


The Trial Tandem Flights prices with a Personalized Video Clip Included are:

- Adults (18 - 99 y. o.): 260 NZ$

- Children 9 -18 y. o.*, Students and Community Services Cardholders: 180 NZ$

- free for children under 8 y. o.* must fly the same day as the parent (Koha for special arrangements)

*Parent consent is mandatory for children under 18 y. o.

A free signed "Temporary NZHGPA (OPMF 01) Pilot Membership: student" form (4 pages) and a "Release from liability and waiver of all claims" form are mandatory before flying.

Please bear in mind that the price paid is to help the school buy and maintain the expensive special required equipment for tandem flights, so this service is to be considered non-commercial per se.



Paragliding Discovery Day

This is how to experience the most unique, free, easy flights, even from the first moments!

Never before has it been so easy to step out into the air. After very little training and effort, you will find yourself lifting off, experiencing the loss of gravity, and feeling a sensation only a bird can.

Within a few hours, you will learn to carve turns through the air with great ease and fluidity. No other form of aviation is so easy to master. We teach people of all ages to be flying free on the first day.

BRK Outside Footbal Field5.jpegBRK Outside Footbal Field2.jpegBRK Outside Footbal Field9.jpeg

You will start initially keeping your feet on the ground and learn to master the controls (inflating, steering and landing etc.). Then you'll progress to small flights a few feet above the ground and quickly move to higher gliding flights. We'll coach you comfortably through each stage, and then later in the day, if you wish, you should be able to do a couple of solo flights with your own equipment.

At every stage, you will be assisted by an officially rated Instructor in a safe environment, and your flights and landings will be guided via radio. This exciting and fun-filled day will give you the whole paragliding experience. The equipment for the Discovery Day can be supplied.

There are several flying sites around Auckland, but our predominant wind direction is SW. We usually practise the first steps in Muriwai Beach in West Auckland – about a 35' drive from Auckland CBD. (If the wind is coming from a different direction and requires another site, we will let you know).

The Discovery Day price is 275 NZ$ (Will be deduced from the PG1 Student Rating Course Price)

Cost for optional Introductory Tandem Flight: 180 NZ$




PG1 Student Rating

Download your OPMF23 - Paraglider 1 (PG1) certificate form

The PG1 is usually achieved within two or three days of Practical and Theoretical instruction. Please note that the PG1 certification does not allow you to fly solo unsupervised – a full PG2 certification is mandatory in NZ for that.

We will teach you the basics like correctly and efficiently unpacking your gear, preparing for launch, proceeding with the mandatory check and repacking after use.

On a shallow slope, we will teach you and make you practise ground handling, the launch phases and the first low flights, laying the basis for safe and easy progress. We will teach you to steer and land your wing insisting on awareness of safety factors.

We will also instruct you how and practise a real reserve parachute deployment to maximise your chance of success in eventual cases of emergency. We will teach you to repack it and do it with you afterwards during our theory course session.

Capture d’écran 2023-06-05 à 12.27.51.pngRBK Maori bay lowTO2.jpegRBK Maori bay Bug Fly.jpeg

Then, short flights to the beach from a grassy slope will be followed by longer and higher flights from two different sites in compliance with the NZHGPA PG1 certification requirements.

At every stage, your ground handling and solo flights will be assisted by experienced instructors, and your flights and landings will be guided via radio. These exciting and fun-filled days will give you the whole paragliding experience.

Bad weather days will be used for theory instruction, which covers basic aerodynamics, suitable flying conditions and essential information about the equipment used.

At this stage, you will fulfil all the requirements for a PG1 Student rating issued by the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

The PG1 Student Rating price is 700 NZ$ (PG1, practical and theory instruction, exam included).



PG2 Solo Pilot Certification

Download your OPMF24 - Paraglider 2 (PG2) certificate form

Our most popular instruction package

The PG2 solo pilot certification course follows the required PG1 course. It is designed for students who wish to complete their private pilot licence to be allowed to fly for themselves.

To be certified, students need to demonstrate a specific range of practical paragliding skills and achieve a level of theoretical knowledge assessed through exams towards the end of this course.

Click here to see the NZHGPA PG2 requirement syllabus.

Future front pink.png244A6278.JPGID Pavel - 1 (3).jpeg


Below is a brief summary of the teachings covered in the PG2 course:

Launching/Take-off Skills: wing inflation and take-off (Forward and Reverse)/landing techniques

Flying Skills: descent and steering techniques, completion of a minimum of 40 flights in total* (Discovery Day and PG1 course flights included) from at least 4 different flying sites with normal training progression.

Theoretical Skills: aerodynamics, meteorology, equipment and flying skills

With a wide range of flying locations around Auckland and Waikato, we will provide the necessary coaching and training for your gradual progression as your flying skill develops.  

Kostia Muriwai NW beach.jpgAlbert Pukemore beau deco.jpgBruno Kostia Kate Maori bay Big Fly Banner.jpeg

Additional Information for the PG2 Course:

  • The PG2 course is usually accomplished for 9 to 15 days at any time during the year but during acceptable weather conditions. Rainy or windy days will be used for théorical courses to lead you to your certification in the best time frame possible.
  • The PG2 course assumes normal training progression. It may be that some students need additional flights to achieve the standards required. The decision remains the instructor's evaluation. A reasonable number of additional training flights are included in the standard price.
  • Please note that to be certified, you must also have demonstrated a safe attitude to paragliding and respect toward take-off and landing landowner's properties. 
  • Students are encouraged to have their own equipment for their course. If students buy a new or second-hand package from us before starting their PG2 course, a $200 discount will apply to their course price.
  • We have a wide choice of top brands also available as "Package Deals" for your wing, harness and other equipment. That's what makes the strength of GlidePro and prevents you from being caught within a solely available brand when learning paragliding.
  • The PG1 and PG2 licences are issued by the national NZHGPA under the authorization of the Civil Aviation Authority. As such, students must have at least an NZHGPA student membership during training and full NZHGPA membership for their PG2 licence to be issued. Visit nzhgpa.org.nz for more information.

The PG2 SoloPilot Certification price is 2200 NZ$ (PG2, practical and theory instruction, exam included).







6 months of interest-free Finance is available for New Zealand residents, who agree to a credit check, hold a current NZ Driver's license or have a valid Passport, and must be over 18 years old.

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