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About the COMPASS Easy Pilot


  • Do not be tricked by the name "Easy": it's a name chosen to emphasize how easy it is to use a flight device with enormous potential and complete functions.  

    Easy Pilot suits for all pilots: from the most demanding competitor to the beginner who wants to progress and improve with his trusty tool for many years. The philosophy of Easy Pilot is identical to that of CPilot: greater flexibility, adaptability and ease of use, as its name suggests, is a tool with complete and most advanced features. Most of the functions and use (touch panel) are kept identical from C-Pilot EVO in a smaller space, and visible in black & white (grayscale). We choose not to use, at the moment, an e-ink display, because this technology is not ready for use in a cold environment under 4° Celsius.

    Easy Pilot allows every pilot to fully customize the display in a simple and intuitive way, in order to let the pilot use a fully personal and unique integrated flight instrument. Each customization can be saved and later recalled before the flight with a simple gesture:  the pilot can activate and choose, by only one click on the touch panel, all customs displays previously set according to the type of flight that will do (competition, cross, soaring, ...), with no limit.

    Exactly as C-Pilot EVO, Easy understands the condition of flight in which the pilot is (thermal, airspace proximity, glide, final glide ...) and automatically switches to the ideal screen for any flight condition, optimizing the display. The pilot who suffers from presbyopia has the option to enlarge individual fields in order to perfectly read the instrument's data.


  • Easy Pilot offers the possibility to program the sound and saving different audio files. Each pilot will thus obtain, by a complete and detailed editor, his personal sound (frequency, beeps per second, and other parameters)  so that in weak conditions the variometer becomes ultra-sensitive, but in strong conditions and high rate of climb, it can be set to become no-stressful.
    Each user, therefore, will have its own personal and unique integrated flight instrument.

    Easy Pilot is programmed to work in tandem with CProbe, providing to the pilot the maximum of precision in real-time parameters such as the speed and direction of the wind, the true airspeed, the rate of efficiency ... till calculating the base cloud of the day.

    Easy Pilot allows you to set a competition task in a simple and intuitive way, exactly as C-Pilot EVO does, and can manage conical ESS. The instrument switches automatically the display depending on the competition status (start, final glide, thermal, not allowed airspace...) providing the competition pilot data organized in different screens optimized for the flight. Sound alarms help to underline significant competition moments as "start" in perfect timing.

    Maps are not be displayed on the screen but we strongly recommend to download maps because Easy Pilot can process them to take into account in the calculation activating the Glide Over Terrain.

    Easy Pilot can manage airspaces that will be visualized in the display in order not to enter into prohibited areas. Prohibited flight areas proximity is also announced by acoustic and visual signals.

    Easy Pilot will remain a faithful companion forever, as it has a powerful processor that can implement any new feature without slowing down.

    Easy Pilot can be integrated "Live Tracking" by a GPRS System (optional). 

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Retail price for the COMPASS Easy Pilot:

- without GPRS live track module:  998.00 NZ$*

- with GPRS live track module onboard: 1 158.00 NZ$*




  • GPS 66  channels with separate reception, tracks till 22 satellites contemporaty, sampling of 5 positions per second (5Hz).
  • Battery life over 30 hours
  • Downloadable data and loadable via Bluetooth (optional), USB 2.0, serial 2.5mm jack or SD memory card
  • Protocol optimized exhaust track speed
  • Video touchscreen black and white
  • Sound completely customizable (CSS)
  • Management function Glide Over Terrain
  • Route Management and wp
  • Airspace Management
  • Replay Function flight even on map
  • Flash memory 512 MB
  • SD memory card
  • operation from -20 ° C to +60 ° C
  • additional module live tracking (optional)
  • management  conical ESS
  • weight 250 g.
  • Bluetooth (optional) can connect with PC, Smartphone or other instruments Compass.
  • And obviously any function expected and much more …

Any Compass device is entirely manufactured 
in Italy by the COMPASS Team's hand-work, in their laboratory, with 
the best care and attention, in full respect of the environment and the labour health & welfare. 
All the outworks are done in Italy and all materials used, where possible, are coming from the EU and Japan (displays) and assembled in Italy. Instruments are tested and calibrated one by one.


What's in the box?

Box.png = easy_vivace_web what is in the pack.jpg + USB cable.png + charger.png + c-bag.png + c-pen.png

1 Easy Pilot Device, 1 USB Cable, 1 Charger, 1 Bag, 1 C-PEN


Product presentation

download here: https://www.compass-italy.com/pimages/FCKeditorFiles/Image/Easy_Pilot_Eng_print.pdf



User Manual

download here: https://www.compass-italy.com/pimages/FCKeditorFiles/Image/EN_Easy_User_Manual.compressed.pdf




                               How to download Maps


Compass Glide Over Terrain explained!




Compass display editing part 3 1

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