C-Probe is the most effective true airspeed sensor ever.


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About the COMPASS C-Probe


  • C-Probe is an incredible and unique sensor platform, designed to provide real data of extreme and unprecedented accuracy to a flight instrument as C-Pilot and EasyPilot or to tablets apps like LK8000, XCTrack, Fly Me... 
    C-Probe is the only instrument existing in the world of free-flying that really calculates the True Air Speed. It is perfect for Paragliders, Hang gliders, paramotors, trikes and ultralights. Tests at the wind tunnel of ISAE by one of the most important aerospace institute in the world. 
    It stays in the pilot’s cockpit: no need to project something dangling, hung with a wire under the pilot that, consequently, becomes useless and detrimental. 


  • You can choose your own personal unique sound of the vario with the original CSS (compass Sound System)
  • GOT (Glide Over Terrain) functions: by combining the data from the polar, the glide ratio, the wind and the terrain orography, the instrument will tell you, in real-time, the altitude you will reach the next slope after a transition, or a landing, defining exactly the radius of possible glide and indicating the pilot where he really will end his flight.
  • An intuitive and precise way to upload and manage the “airspaces”, indicating the pilot (both by graphics and sound alarms) the proximity (horizontal and vertical) to areas where the flight is banned or restricted.
  • An intuitive and fast way to manage a task in a competition and a perfect XC flight data and graphics assistant for FAI Triangles (or flat triangles), providing data organized in different screens optimized for competition or cross country that the pilot can easily recall before a flight
  • A detailed topographic map together with a very detailed terrain map
  • The GPRS (optional) integrated module for live tracking.
  • The direct connection to any computer, with no need for interface programs, as it is detected as any standard external hard drive
  • A battery minimum length (worst conditions: 15 hrs, normal conditions 18 hrs) that assure enough energy for any flight.
  • A perfect thermal assistant that activates as soon as the pilot enters in a thermal;
  • The Navigation to a waypoint simply by touching the map on the screen.


Retail price for the COMPASS C-Probe: 638.00 NZ$*



  • Pitot tube (resolution pressure of 0.01 Pa);
  • Three-axis gyroscope (resolution 2000 ° / s);
  • Three-axis accelerometer (up to 8G per axis, with 0.1 G);
  • Magnetic compass gyro (1 ° resolution);
  • Pressure sensor high resolution.
  • High-resolution thermometer
  • C-Probe provides the data to other Compass devices, with the highest degree of accuracy.

  • Some data you will have:

  • The TAS and IAS value
  • Possibility to calculate the polar of your wing,
  • Calculation of optimal airspeed (example for the McCready factor, or optimal speed in cross country or competitions)
  • wind direction and strength in real-time and even in straight flight
  • estimation of the height of the cloud base

and much more …

In general, by C-Probe, your instrument will become much more precise in all calculations (altitude to a wp, glide calculation, glide ratio needed to a point, the optimal speed with McCready factor, altitude needed to the goal or the landing, Glide over terrain functions … and many others)

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