The COMPASS Beeper is a hypersensitive solar energy vario with very small dimensions.


Pilots' recommendations

Beginner to Competition, XC and Hike & Fly


About the COMPASS Beeper


  • - The variometer encloses the same technology as that of the C-Pilot.
  • - Its most popular feature is the ability to pre-set up a sound with PC and saving different audio files (including three in the internal memory can be selected by pressing a button).
  • - The sound is programmable in both frequencies, which in the number of beeps per second that, finally, in the length of the single beep.


  • Beeper-extra-big-11-588 colours.jpg
  • Each pilot can then obtain his personal sound of the instrument or if it has a C-Pilot (or another Compass instrument) import the sound set with the "big brother" in the Beeper.

  • It is advisable to remove the Beeper from the bag a few minutes before takeoff.

Retail price for the COMPASS Beeper: 158.00 NZ$*



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