Top Performance, Super-solid airfoil and unparalleled flight comfort

 2-liner High Performance EN-C  -  XS 21.00 m2 / S 22.70 m2 / M 24.10 m2 / L 26.50 m2


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About the MYSTIC


Mystic is Flow Paragliders' two-liner EN-C, inhering its racing pedigree. Meticulously engineered with a focus on true performance, it is lightweight and durable. Smart material choice contributes to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring ease of use, durability, and practicality.

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Incorporating Flow's latest generation shark nose airfoil with a wholly redesigned section and bottom camber provides unparalleled flight comfort. This allows pilots to confidently push the glider to its limits, enabling them to concentrate fully on the surrounding airmass and aerology. Its compact aspect ratio and light é-liner rear steering give an unmatched connection between the glider and pilot - to the extent that one can feel like one with the Mystic.

When landing the Mystic, the new airfoil allows pilots to slow the glider down incredibly easily, finding the smallest spot to land with plenty of warning and control about the stall speed.


Tailored for pilots engaged in X-Alps-type competitions or participating in the SRS series, the Mystic can turn into a real racing machine. Naturally, it is also the perfect everyday glider due to its carefree nature and easy handling. For some pilots, it can be the ideal glider for a relaxing afternoon soar, while for others, it will be the glider they use to win competitions.

Nitinol rods are strategically integrated into its construction, allowing for easy compression and compact packing. The Nitinol rods and internal structure give the Mystic extremely easy inflation characteristics, allowing pilots to launch from tricky launches confidently.

The use of cutting-edge industry materials ensures that Mystic delivers an enjoyable and easy flying experience while maintaining class-leading performance.



Recommended Retail Price MYSTIC, shipping NZ-wide included:

- XS:      9 830.00 NZ$*

- S:       9 890.00 NZ$*

- M:      9 990.00 NZ$*

- L:       10 090.00 NZ$*

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- Optional Rucksack: 179.00 NZ$*

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The MYSTIC S is now fully certified and ready to order. A lightweight EN C 2-liner with Nitinol rods and a racing pedigree, which we believe is at the top of the class in terms of performance and enjoyment.

Production is underway, and the first gliders are expected to be available in late March.

The MYSTIC M and L have not passed certification yet.

As Flow uses a very strong airfoil, the certification test pilots are unable to collapse the glider at full accelerated flight, even using special collapse lines for the wing in the test. It's a sad outcome, really, as there's nothing we can do about it. The glider can only be certified if it can be collapsed.

According to Claude, one of the Air turquoise test pilots running the certification process, Flow is probably ten years ahead of the technology. The actual certification standards are not ready for these types of gliders yet.

We will have to remake a new glider with a new airfoil that is collapsible. It's an unfortunate outcome, but we will use one of our other airfoils and the glider will be solid, but collapsible. This will cause a delay of approximately 2 months as we need to make new gliders, test them and enter certification.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.




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The advanced shark nose profile is a stable pitch airfoil common to Flow's high-end 2-liners, which means:
  • More solidity
  • Higher internal pressure
  • Fewer oscillations
  • More efficient glides
  • Higher Comfort





3D Cut Optimization and Advanced sail tensioning

Each panel and diagonals were structurally dimensioned and thoroughly computer analyzed to offer the most suitable chord and span-wise sail tension. The result is a canopy with less spanwise distortion giving a more taught and direct feel. Offering just enough flex characteristics to give the ideal feedback.

A well-tensioned sail is especially important to offer the pilot the right amount of feedback and feel of the air. It is especially important while thermaling to feel the nuances in areas of lift and sink more precisely, helping to find lift easier to stay in the core for longer.













The new 4 ways A-attachment VPA (variable position A-attachment point) enhances the leading edge's structural stability, keeping the AoA positive, even when the glider’s AoA is at negative angles.

It’s a better solution geometrically and helps share the forces more evenly throughout the leading-edge span. The increased solidity is noticeable, especially when gliding at speed in turbulent air.

When the speed bar is applied, the VPA shifts the pressure to the rear lines of the “4-line split”.

The change in geometry turns the leading edge more stable as the new attachment points offer better structural support at those angles, we observe at the most critical AoA (ex., gliding at full bar). It’s where the VPA works at its best.

It aids the pressure shift to the rear lines of the “4-line split”.

Mimicking the exact solution given to higher-end gliders where the A attachment points are placed further back helps with the centre-of-mass shift to the front lines, resulting in a stronger and more collapse resistance leading edge in lower AoA.



















The Mystic has a newly redesigned arc offering excellent roll authority for thermaling and “centring” thermals.

Near the tips, we have added a fair amount of wash-out to optimise glide angle and roll stability when gliding at speed.

The new arc also helps with overall line savings compared to the older version.

The new arc is inspired by our high-end gliders. It has a performance-oriented design.











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