Fast and reliable opening along with a stable descent rate


 90 / 105 / 125 / 150 kg

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About the AURA2 SQUARE


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Materials have been chosen carefully to achieve a rescue system that is light but still robust and durable.



Reliability was the critical factor in Aura’s design and development phase. After numerous deployments with successfully similar results, Flow PARAGLIDERS conclude Aura SQUARE has a fast and reliable opening and a stable descent rate that will bring you back to earth safely in case an extreme situation arises.



Recommended Retail Price for the Flow AURA2 SQUARE with an inner bag:

- 90 (Max 90kg) : 1 276.00 NZ$*

- 105 (Max  105 Kg) : 1 295.00 NZ$*

- 125 (Max 125kg) : 1 349.00 NZ$*

- 150 (Max 150kg) : 1 529.00 NZ$*

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