Paragliding is just a leisure activity, but what a fantastic one! The possibility of leaving the ground and flying offers sensations beyond all expectations. The AD team wants to give every pilot a hand to access to this mind-blowing experience by being responsible when putting a new wing on the market. To produce gadgets is out of the question. They don’t follow any trend; their new glider is out when it is ready, not necessarily when the market is.
The AD products make you happy! On the ground and definitively in the air!
Their way of life? Let’s be active! Why use a car when you can hike to the take-off? Why ruin your knees to go down the mountain when you can fly instead? Why keep a heavy rucksack when you can replace it with a compact and lightweight pack? Let’s explore other tracks and other routes. Have fun! Be a rebel!

This is AirDesign spirit. With no exception, the team places innovation at the service of pilots’ pleasure and safety.
Let’s move from Tyrol. Somewhere on the planet, a merry pilot grabs his/her AD wing and heads to the take-off. Are we still in Austria? Or maybe in Australia? Who cares! Just relax and enjoy the flight!



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Paragliding Wings


Reinforced robust construction, strongest materials, ultra strong and durable. Perfect for intensive training and professional use.


Semi-light construction, mix of most robust materials where needed, lighter when not impacting overall strength and durability, for every pilot everyday use, everywhere.


Superlight construction, but no compromise on material quality and overall durability, only the lightest, but the very best. For light gear junkies but also for everyday use.

Paragliding Harnesses & Accessories

Single Surface Wings


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