With its unbeatable fit and its good value for money, the Insider is still a bestseller.

This helmet is particularly popular because it offers full protection without considerably disturbing the field of view. Also, it is possible to converse with someone before and after the flight despite the chin guard. The helmet edges pulled inwards contribute to an extension of the field of view and help reduce air drag.

Insider Features:

  • Thanks to a vacuum high-pressure molding process, the aramid fiber reinforced outer shell is weight-optimized and can be produced with a constant quality. Material selection and manufacturing process ensure optimum strength and durability.
  • The Insider produces little wind noise such that the radio set Vox operation works fine. The airspeed can still be assessed well as the helmet limits the hearing ability only to a minor degree.
  • The helmet shell pulled far down at the sides improves the fit on the head and allows for completely pressure-free ear pads. The wide, well padded internal chin strap also contributes to the wearing comfort.
  • Aerodynamically clean without tail: The insider enables an unobstructed upward view and avoids neck injuries.
  • The skin-friendly and breathable full textile interior lining (made in EU) provides for a comfortable helmet climate. The breathable padding is skin-friendly and antibacterial. Comfortable fit also for special sizes like XS and XXL.
  • Reistant (paintable) stove-enameled multi-layer surface. 14 different colors respectively styles.

Weight: 650 g.
Sizes: XS=53/54, S=55/56, M=57/58, L=59/60, XL=61/62 XXL=63cm head circumference

  Art.Nr. Article NZ$*
  AVH01 Charly Insider unicolor  
   Lowest priced model (white, red, blue) 288.00
 AVH02 Charly Insider bicolor   
   The classic with metallic paint in silver dark grey, turquoise, burgundy, yellow 309.00
AVH03 Charly Insider soft-color red, blue or black  
   With a silky matt, scratch-insensitive and dirt-repellent rubber coating  299.00
AVH04 Charly Insider carbon  
   The top model with an elaborate full carbon look 330.00
AVH15 Premium fleece helmet and instrument bag  15.00

The surface of this classy microfiber bag is smooth on the outside and fleecy soft on the inside, such that its contents are ideally protected from scratches during transport. The Charly helmet and instrument bag offers enough space for one helmet plus flight instruments, gloves, etc. and features a practical drawstring closure. Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm

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